Traditional IRAs

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Do you have a traditional IRA? 

And are you looking for ways to make a meaningful gift to a charity?

Great news:  In 2016, Congress approved a tax incentive that will make it easier and more cost-effective for donors to roll over funds from their IRA accounts to nonprofit organizations such as the American Nurses Foundation.

This provision creates valuable benefits for individuals who wish to make a significant donation, particularly those who are:

  • Over 70 ½ years of age, when an annual required minimum distribution from your IRA is required.
  • Individuals who do not usually itemize their deduction.
  • Individuals with significant assets in an IRA.
  • Higher income taxpayers.

If this sounds like you, please consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific options and opportunities before December 31st. As always, the American Nurses Foundation would be honored to be the recipient of your charitable donation, and to work with you and your financial advisor in discussing the impact your gift could make for nurses and the nursing profession. For example, your gift could provide funding for a named nursing research grant or an endowed fund. Please call Elizabeth Franzino at 301-628-5305 or for more information.