2012 Annual Report

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NURSES TRANSFORM LIVES. They do it person by person, each and every day — in hospice care, in the pediatric ICU, in the parish clinic, in community health centers. At the American Nurses Foundation, we believe nurses also have a major role in transforming health care — its outcomes, its accessibility, and its cost.

The American Nurses Foundation is the only philanthropic organization with a mission to transform the nation’s health through the power of nursing. We help nurses step into leadership roles in their communities and workplaces to ensure that they can play a meaningful role in shaping decisions on the quality and capacity of health care.

We advance science that helps people live better and healthier lives with less pain and greater independence. We enable nurses to be healthier themselves, so that they can be role models for their patients and continue to serve as vital members of the health care community.

To better support the nation’s 3.1 million nurses, the Foundation has also begun transforming itself. Over the past year, we have brought new perspectives and expertise to our programs and significantly broadened our scope of activities, some of which we highlight on these pages.

This is a unique moment in our history, a time when health care reform is both critical and possible. It will come about through both complex and simple changes and will require the focus, expertise, and dedication of nurses.

We are grateful for your philanthropic support and invite you to join us in helping nurses to play their essential role in improving the future of health care.

Kate Judge
Executive Director
Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
Chair, Board of Trustees