Nurses’ Response to the Haiti Disaster: Two years on

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Nurses pitched in to help Haitian
children following the disaster.
 Source: Pat Schlosser

It’s been two years since the catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti. Nurses and nursing were severely affected. The national nursing school (Ecole nationale d’infirmières d’Haïti) collapsed, killing some 200 students and faculty. The headquarters of the national nurses association was damaged and unusable.

Nurses responded from across the globe, and the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) was one of 14 nurse organizations to send vital financial support to Haiti nurses and the l’Association Nationale des Infirmières Licenciées d’Haïti (ANILH) through the International Council of Nurses.

Work in disaster areas is one of the most important ways ANF assists the nursing community worldwide. In the case of Haiti, ANF’s work over the past two years has been, and continues to be, driven by needs identified on the ground by the Haitian nurses through l’Association. ANF has given support in areas such as the purchase of tarpaulins for temporary shelter; blankets, basic hygiene products, water, food, and the like for the immediate needs of nurses; the repair and renovation of the ANILH headquarters; and the development and delivery of a cholera management training course.

ANF is dedicated to continuing this vital work in Haiti and will continue to prepare for any future disaster response. Thank you again to donors for this and other disaster-relief efforts supported by the ANF.

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— Kate Judge is the executive director of ANF. (printed in The American Nurse April 2012)